Joshua Baron

Synergistic Funding | UX/UI

UX/UI | Visual Design | Interaction Design


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UX/UI | Art Direction | Interaction Design | Visual Design

Made at Hot Sauce & Resovere   —   2018

Synergistic Funding is a Tampa based company that facilitates smart lending opportunities for start-ups, small business and mid market companies. Their mission is to help companies grow.

Synergistic Funding contracted Resovere and Hot Sauce to design and develop their website and online loan application. The goal with the site design was to create trust and ease of use in the experience. We want users to be able to see what lending opportunities are available to them without having to over commit in the process.


At first, the loan application was long and cumbersome. Users we're asked intimate questions one at a time about their business. We looked at each question in the application and rated them on scale from easy to challenging and decided that we only want to ask the tough questions after determining a user's minimum viable loan options.

We grouped like questions together by difficulty and commitment. We implemented conversational questions and an application guide that gives the user instructions on how to fill out the form.



Agency: Hot Sauce & Resovere
Art Direction: Joshua Baron
UX/UI: Joshua Baron
Web Development: Christopher Lis